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World (European) Football Power Rankings

Posted on: April 9, 2008 2:31 pm
Edited on: April 14, 2008 4:49 pm
Well it's about time I get back to rankings. I'll keep the explanations short and sweet.

1) Manchester United
Arguably the best team in the world at the moment. First in the Premiership and a foot in the Champs League semi-final. Injuries bring back memories of last year, but this team is stronger in terms of depth, especially with Pique developing very well.
2) Chelsea
The resiliency of this club is amazing. Credit the Normal One; he deserves his due. If they had been consistent all season, they could have had themselves a hand on the Premiership.
3) Real Madrid
More or less, it is Real's consistency domestically which puts them up at this spot. They should win La Liga. I'm disappointed with their early exit in Champs League though. Roma has a good first team, but Los Merengues are simply better than Roma.
4) Roma
They'll lose today to United, but credit them for keeping Serie A close. If they had better depth and Totti healthy, I'd give them a good shot to win their league.
5) Inter Milan
A slip of form (and a points lead) in league and an early exit in Champs League is not good for a club that had such high expectations in the beginning of the season. Losing to an upstart Lavezzi-led Napoli and Juventus isn't terrible. Poor timing is. Too much quality to falter now.
6) Liverpool
They're playing better football, are in Champs League's final four, and have a good cushion on fourth. Okay, a dubious penalty away from a trophyless season, they are at the least playing better football and are on good form.
7) Bayern Munich
Utter domination in league should be and is a given. Their European form in my opinion is disastrous, but they are winning, and that's what counts.
8) Juventus
They are far exceeding expectations (at least the media's). Champs League first year in Serie A is quite a feat for the disgraced team. Hopefully Secco will not screw the team up by swapping the team's young talent. Juventus has some of the best talent in the world in their system. They could use Amauri, but they shouldn't acquire him for talents such as Legrottaglie, De Ceglie, Marchisio, and Giovinco (and 15M euros).
9) Barcelona
We expect more from them, but realistically, they seem to have done well enough with their injuries. Once they get their squad back, I see them putting a challenge in league. They will lose to United, but good to get to the semifinals.
10) Lyon
The usual in league. Can't blame them for their Champs League effort, but it would be nice to have more than a four point cushion with the squad they have. Unfortunately, it seems like Lyon's best days are behind them (although they have more good young players coming up it seems).
11) Rangers
They have a chance for a quadtreble/quadruple (whatever you want to call it). Obviously, it's not the legit quadruple (UEFA Cup), but Rangers are headed for many trophies.
12) Arsenal
Slipping. It's disappointing, considering they play great football, but they lack squad depth and have a horrible defense, and it has come back to bite them.
13) Fiorentina
They are doing well in Serie A and in the UEFA Cup. The team has a good future with Mutu and Pazzini leading the way.
14) Porto
The usual in league (actually, more like utter domination). How about surprise package Guimaraes though? Quite impressed with them.
15) Villarreal
They are building a squad that can compete with the big boys and are doing very well in league. A few pieces here and there and this team is a legitimate contender.
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Posted on: May 24, 2008 6:46 pm

World (European) Football Power Rankings

Yes, but it is the quality of the oppositio that you face surley that must give you tyour ranking, no the fact that you have won tropheys. Chelsea have not won the league and have gone tropheless. SO by this it must mean that they do not warrent the number two spot in your power rankings?

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Posted on: April 14, 2008 4:01 pm

World (European) Football Power Rankings

Well, I'm going to add on to this list after this post, but with these rankings I am considering all competitions.

Sure, Champs League has weight and prestige, but it is not the only factor, or we would be rating only eight teams. Real, Roma, and Inter are consistent in their domestic leagues and deserve to be considered the top clubs in the world. Liverpool does not deserve a top-five. Won't win league and will go trophyless.

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Posted on: April 14, 2008 6:46 am

World (European) Football Power Rankings

I'm not siure how you can put Real Madrid, Roma and Inter Milan in the top five, as non of these teams are in the champions league semifinals. Madrid have been to inconsistent this year and have played some horrible football lately. Roma are below Inter Milan in Seria A and Inter Milan have not been on the best run of form lately. Also how are Madrid ahead of Roma after Roma knocked them out of the Champions League?

The English Big Four (Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Man Utd) should all be in the top four as these teams have dominated european football this season. Maybe Inter deserve a spot in at number five behind these four teams, but Roma and Real Madrid definately not.

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